Agua De Pina

Agua De Pina

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English translation: Pineapple Juice 6OZ only.

A jelly slime scented like pineapple. It will contain yellow crumbs to mimic the pulp.

All orders ship with a goodie bag that contains two pieces of candy, a slime care card with borax, and a thank you card.


Slime is not edible and contain fragrance oils. Make sure you are not allergic to fragrance oils before handling slime. All fragrance oils used are body safe.


Wash and moisturize your hands before playing with slime. Slime tends to stick to dry hands so always moisturize before handling.


To purchase you have to be over 18 years old or have permission from a parent or guardian.

Make sure you enter your address correctly before placing an order. 

I will not be responsible for your packaged being lost or delivered to the wrong address. 

All refunds will only include purchase cost not shipping cost.